Palaces and houses

Origin of remarkable lineages. The Alvarado Tower, the baroque palaces in Solares or Ánaz or the monumental mansions in Sobremazas are examples of civil architecture associated with important families in the region.

The cultural heritage that Medio Cudeyo has is as diverse and extensive as it is unknown to a large part of the population. In any of the localities of the municipality, the visitor will discover a mansion, palace or building of remarkable architecture that collects an important part of the history of the place. They are worthy witnesses of local events and events marked by the life of important ancestral homes and characters of unquestionable influence in their time. The variety of architectural styles of civil constructions allow for a unique tour. Towers, palaces and mansions of various artistic tendencies scattered throughout Medio Cudeyo. We propose a few but surely on your visit you will discover many others.

Alvarado Tower

Marqués de Valdecilla Birthplace

Conde de Torreánaz Palace

Marqueses de Valbuena Palace

Marquesa de Nájera Square

Los Cuetos house

Rubalcaba Palace

Villa Arras