Solares, thermal village

Enjoy a thermal water treatment in one of the most traditional spa villages in Spain.

New and modern facilities recover all the past splendor and elegance of the old Solares thermal resort, preserving the romantic aesthetic that characterized the old spa. The Hotel Castilla Termal Solares, with its four stars and 113 rooms, is a thermal reference in Spain.

The waters of the Fuencaliente spring, which flow from the depths through the limestone rock at a temperature of 30 ºC, are indicated for digestive, metabolic, antacid, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and nervous system therapies. Whether the visitor is looking for beauty treatments, rehabilitation, stress or other motivations, or if they just want to enjoy the rest, peace and tranquility that thermal facilities offer, a visit to Castilla Termal Solares will also give them the perfect excuse to get to know our municipality.

The tradition of one of the classic spas in northern Spain

The first news of the Solares spa tradition dates back to the 18th century with the use of mineral-medicinal waters from the Fuencaliente spring. In 1827 the first bathhouse was built. Years later and due to the success of these thermal treatments, it was expanded with the construction of luxurious neo-Mudejar and oriental style buildings similar to other European spas.

The heyday of this spa resort led to the arrival of numerous clients to Solares who were not necessarily dealing with ailments, but who saw the spa as a place for summer and recreation, the embryo of what would be the genesis of thermal tourism. Starting in the 1980s, spas became very popular thanks to the healing qualities of the thermal waters and the leisure and recreational nature of the summer stays in these establishments.

The Santander bourgeoisie discovers the economic possibilities hidden in the summer custom as a generator of income and as a means of social relations and prestige. At the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, many businesses related to leisure were built, such as spas, casinos, theaters or cafes. It was during this time that Solares was relaunched as a thermal village and the bathing rooms, the Grand Hotel, the railway and later the casino were built. Clients come to the Solares spa from Castile, aware of the benefits of its waters and favored by the royal summers in Santander of Alfonso XII and XIII. In 1899 the spa establishment was expanded with the construction of a gallery of baths with Arabic decoration, with an oriental and picturesque appearance. It was at the end of 1902 when the three-story Grand Hotel was inaugurated with a party room, billiards, reading room, terrace and a large dining room for 120 people. This building is the one that has reached our days completely renovated and located in a large and fascinating garden full of ancient trees.