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Because the path must be enjoyed as much as the place it leads to, we suggest some hiking routes that you cannot miss. The Medio Cudeyo City Council has marked out a network of paths and paths through the Peña Cabarga mountain range and its surroundings. There are several routes that will help you discover all the mining, geological and natural heritage that the area hides. Also, did you know that Medio Cudeyo crosses one of the stages of the Camino de Santiago North or Route of the Coast? The church of Santa María de Cudeyo and Santiago de Cudeyo were stops on the pilgrim route and its journey through a rural environment offers beautiful panoramic views of the bay of Santander on the way to Puente Arce.


Dare to make the ascent to Peña Cabarga, one of the toughest climbs that can be done by bicycle in Cantabria and an itinerary for many amateur cyclists. The climb to the Llen peak is the scene of several stages of the Tour of Spain that considers it a Special Category climb. The first 3 kilometers have an average gradient of 10% and after a false landing of 500 meters to stretch your legs, the real challenge begins with ramps that reach 22% in just one kilometer. If, on the other hand, you prefer mountain biking, the Peña Cabarga massif puts you to the test with numerous itineraries of paths and dirt roads that run through this entire mountain through mining landscapes very close to Santander.


The Miera River is a Site of Community Importance (SCI) that belongs to the homonymous basin located in the central area of the Autonomous Community of Cantabria. It is born in Castro Valnera at 1,280 meters of altitude. This river plays a very relevant role as an ecological corridor in the region, which is why several of the spaces it comprises appear in the Natura 2000 Network. With a total length of 45 kilometers, the section of the Miera river through Medio Cudeyo coincides with the limit between its middle and lower course. On its route it crosses the Miera valley, a narrow valley to which it gives its name, until reaching the town of Solares. At this point, the valley blurs and the river continues its course, marking the dividing line between the municipalities of Marina de Cudeyo and Ribamontán al Monte until it reaches the sea, where it delivers its waters to the Bay of Santander through the Cubas estuary. As a geographical feature, the Miera channel defines the entire eastern limit of Medio Cudeyo, specifically, with the municipality of Entrambasaguas. In Medio Cudeyo the waters of the Miera River run 4,250 meters.

If you are a fishing lover, you cannot miss visiting the Miera River. The Ceceñas deathless preserve is ideal for dry fly fishing. This preserve has a total length of 3,200 meters with the upper limit at the height of the Gamonal Bridge and the lower limit at the El Rabión bridge in Solares.