The Medieval Festival: Cantiga 263

We invite you to enjoy with us "The Medieval Festival: Cantiga 263", declared a Festival of Regional Tourist Interest and which takes place every August in Medio Cudeyo. In the church of Santa María de Cudeyo in Valdecilla, this poetic-musical piece is performed every summer that narrates the miracle worked by the Virgin and in which theater plays a prominent role.
«And of this a great miracle very close to Santander the Virgin performed in Cudeyo of a man who had great need to be healthy, that all his limbs lost in such a way that the body lost»

How Saint Mary appeared to a man who was crippled in all his limbs, and told him to have himself taken to her church and he would then be healed.

Thus begins Cantiga No. 263, one of the four hundred and twenty-seven compositions written by King Alfonso The Cantigas de Santa María is the crowning work of the monarch both from a literary, pictorial and musical point of view.

Little is known about this story. There is no further news of the story that tells of the healing of a handicapped man after the Virgin appeared to him and had a mass sung in the church of Santa María de Cudeyo. Nothing is known about the origin of said story, nor how it could reach the monarch’s scriptorum, and much less about the reasons that made it so attractive to the ears of the Wise King as to include it in his ambitious compilation. The mystery that surrounds this sung poetry only increases its interest and opens the paths of imagination and fantasy…

Inspired by these verses, Medio Cudeyo recalls a fascinating confusing and unjust, passionate and feudal era, of troubadours and minstrels, of squires and maidens. A suggestive and attractive time that revives during the Cudeyo Medieval Festival in the days prior to the feast of Santa María de Cudeyo, on August 15, and to which we invite all visitors to accompany us and enjoy it with us .


The cantigas walk the fine line between medieval sacred and folk music. They are sung poems, whose lyrics and music were composed by troubadours between the 12th and 14th centuries. Specifically, the Cantigas de Santa María, from the 13th century, is a medieval religious songbook of approximately 420 compositions, most of them referring to miracles that occurred through the intervention of the Virgin Mary.

Listen as an example to Cantiga nº 100: Santa Maria, Strela do Dia.