Natural heritage

The Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla is a magnificent natural environment with a rich landscape heritage. What was once the private space and rest refuge of Ramón Pelayo de la Torriente, currently contains gardens, meadows and native and exotic trees of great relevance that the visitor can access freely through the paths conditioned and accessible to any public. Its location on a gentle hill in the town of Valdecilla offers an exceptional natural viewpoint from where you can see, on clear days, a wide extension of the region: from the nearby Peña Cabarga and Pico Castillo to the Cabezas de Liérganes or the peaks of the high Miera.

After flanking the entrance gate to the property, on both sides of the road we find a wooded area of large native species (oaks or cajigas and chestnut trees) and foreign species (American oaks), which precede the fence that gives access to the property. White House and gardens.

From a natural point of view, Finca Marqués de Valdecilla can be divided into several zones: an American oak forest, an Atlantic forest, the intersection of roads with the meadows and the garden that surrounds the buildings. All these areas are connected through a concrete perimeter road.

In the two forest areas, large native species mix with young species of recent reforestation, while the so-called crossroads is a strategic point for separating areas and contemplating the green and well-kept meadows.

The most important focus of the estate’s natural heritage is the garden, which houses ornamental tree and shrub species of great interest in terms of size, beauty and age: majestic magnolias, beautiful deciduous magnolias, an interesting Spanish fir, a magnificent Atlas cedar, a unique cedar from Japan, a fan palm tree, elegant and stylized Canary Islands palm trees and a row of camellias with spectacular and long flowering, an attractive cane field, holm oaks, laurels, araucarias, yews…