The Return of the Indian

Praising the philanthropic spirit of those emigrants who went to American lands, the idea was born to pay homage to the Indians in Medio Cudeyo, who in our municipality have the significant and relevant figure of Ramón Pelayo de la Torriente, Marquis of Valdecilla.

The “Retornar del Indiano”, which is generally celebrated on the last weekend of July at the Finca Marqués de Valdecilla, immerses it and everyone who visits it in a day from the first third of the 20th century.

Men, women and children dress in their best clothes, many of them in white, touching their heads with straw hats. This festival, infused with the smell of tobacco and cocoa leaves, presents a program full of activities ranging from guided tours of Indian heritage, exhibitions, theatrical performances, children’s workshops, documentary screenings, concerts to outdoor meals, live demonstrations and raffles. In short, a party organized by the Medio Cudeyo City Council but that is only possible thanks to the involvement and work of municipal associations such as Torrealvarado, the San Pedruco and Amasol Dance Group and the students of the Municipal Theater School, as well as the collaboration of various companies (Pastelería Confitería María Luisa, Edp, Intermón Oxfam, Altadis, Café Dromedario, Dougall’s, Liberbank, Siderit, Lafuente, Casa Enrique, Agua de Solares, Castilla Termal Solares, Establecimientos Canales, Pub Jaque).