Leaving Footprint, «The Game»

Learn about the patrimonial, cultural and natural wealth of Medio Cudeyo through an original game that will guide you through Solares and Valdecilla using your mobile or tablet in the hands of Pepita the frog, the new tourist symbol of the municipality.

Play while you discover our town; Immerse yourself in a new experience, take “the mark” and leave us yours…

Discover our cultural, historical and natural heritage in the company of Pepita the frog, our mascot. Pepita is born in the heart of Solares, specifically in the forest where the Pepita Mine is located and the place where the springs of Solares water flow, our greatest treasure.

Search and follow the colored footprints corresponding to each of the seven banks strategically located in different corners of our town.


Each one of the benches, numbered from 1 to 7, has a QR code that you can scan with your mobile phone or tablet and that gives access to a series of PDF’s, audio-guides and videos that contain information related to the environment in which you are located (description of the landscape that you can contemplate, relevant buildings, famous people associated with them, historical events that occurred in the environment, etc.)

Likewise, on each bench you will find an engraved word that describes the values, sensations and experiences that Pepita wishes to share with you and that form part of your visit to our municipality.

In each word, one of its letters will appear with a print below which, together with those found in the rest of the banks and in the same order, make up a hidden message that you will discover when you reach the last one and put all the letters together.

Leaving Footprint