The Portalada of the Estate

The Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla has an imposing stone portal at its entrance, which is not original to the estate but was brought here in the winter of 1935, in the time of the Marquis de Pelayo, from the house of Los Quintana de Penagos. The portal is from the 18th century and is crowned by a Baroque coat of arms.

This portal, which constitutes the main entrance to the Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla, was built in 1697 by two master stonemasons, Tomás de los Perales and Juan Vicente del Pino, and in it the imposing shield and the figure of Fame stand out. or “giralda”. The baroque shield, quartered with two lions resting on two other tritons, is topped at the top by a split triangular pediment in the center of which is placed a sculpture alluding to fortune.

Portal of the estate of the Marqués de Valdecilla
Old print of the portal of the Finca del Marqués de Valdecilla. Image: Municipal archive of Medio Cudeyo.